You can get the best quality service by examining our services we offer for you
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You can get the best quality service by examining our services we offer for you

Project Control Service
Special Construction Contracting
Build Sell Contracting


Inspection of the project conformity of the constructions. Interventing the project incompatibilities that may arise by informing the Project Coordinator and Project Authors, taking urgent measures when necessary. Checking the coordination between the Projects by examining the Implementation Projects and ensuring their implementation after this control.


Many buildings, private villas and residences that we have built since 2003 with our professional team are our signature. Therefore, it is our first priority to secure all the rights of our customers. In all its constructions, Kömürcügil Construction takes care to comply with the relevant standards, technical and administrative specifications, legislation, technical requirements of construction, to follow the developments offered by technology and to benefit from these innovations in applications.


The basis of construction contracting services is building buy-build-sell. Buying and selling land, buying and building buildings, buying and selling flats, completion and sale of constructions, mutual agreements with legal and real persons, construction, construction and delivery of buildings in return for flat, construction projects, restoration works and real estate sales, construction contracting services covered. Within the scope of this service, your projects are carried out by our company on your behalf, under your financing, in accordance with the projects and regulations. It is delivered to you on a turnkey basis.